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I’m sure we’ve all experienced this — reading through a comment thread, and seeing a particularly well-written comment, whether it be informative, insightful, or just plain funny. You want to show the commenter that you appreciate their work, but don’t have a reply for them, so you just move on. Well, those days are over!

Comment Likes are now available on all sites. We’ve seen how much you enjoy Post Likes, and want to bring that kind of love to comments, too. When you enable Comment Likes on your site, you’ll see a small Like appear below all the comments on your site, just like this one.

You and all your readers can click it to show your appreciation!

If you prefer to read in the WordPress Android or iOS apps, we’re working hard to bring Comment Likes to both of them as well — stay tuned for upcoming releases.


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Lawdy what a night!

It is around 2 a.m. and I have only dozed off for a few minutes at best, been looking into flexible work from home ( my children will be starting school in 20 days and I have to find some sort of stable income that is flexible so I can be here for them when they get off the bus eeek!) sheer panic is about to set in I have options that don’t feel like options at all, and the possibilities that don’t feel like possibilities being a single parent stinks sometimes and I suppose I am using this blog to vent a little bit, because I am worried about all that may or may not happen (considering all the changes that are going on right before my very eyes and the fact that humans are pretty much programmed not to like change at all, how else am I supposed to act but reluctant?)

All things considered being a single parent seldom overwhelms me, but this is one of those situations that is getting the better of me, they will get on their happy yellow bus about 7:15-7:30 and get off around 4 pm unless they stayed at school until 5 for the after school child watch program incase I worked over? So that roughly gives me an 8:00-8:30 to 4:00-4:30 time frame in which to work and then either pick them up from school or get home in time to meet the bus…

Considering they both will be going to school for the first time, I really am in a state of sheer anxiety over here and in a moments notice feel the need to crawl in the corner and curl into the fetal position… I know there are plenty of single moms out there, who do it every day but they either have great support systems or a lot of moxy either way my hat off to you single mothers who juggle more then I can fathom! Does anyone have anyone pointers or tips?

a hectic day in the life of this threesome

Today I did a LOT of painting, (when was the last time this house got an update?) I’m one of those people I love everything to match so when I do change things I guess it can get overwhelming because that typically means changing EVERYTHING! crazy, insane… on top of that getting the terrible twosome prepared for up and coming school year (can anyone say panic attack?) but seriously numbers and letters and shapes and colors, and when did 1+1=2 become so complicated and the ABC song, how many times do I have to sing it to help them get into the mood to learn the whole alphabet and not just some of it? Not to mention they are starting to recognize and read words when they don’t even know all their letters yet, (sigh!) but it has been a pretty progressive sort of day, now if only I could get my bf (David) to help paint, on one of his (very rare, very few) days off… that might make this a little bit easier (sigh)… lol

Or I could just paint some more tomorrow after all in the words of Scarlett O’Hara “Tomorrow is another day!”

Hello y’all and welcome!

I’m a mother of twins (one girl one boy) and I love to dabble in carpentry, painting, crafts, sewing, and I am a photographer and owner of Miracle Photography & Co. throw that all together with my passion for food and get one crazy random blog that will hopefully help y’all find a lot of ideas along the way! I will also attempt to make my own photo props because this mama is on one strict budget and as a lot of you may be too, who can afford to stay in business starting out with all the other “professionals” when you also have to pay an arm and leg out of your profit for props to draw new clients in? Not me, so hopefully as I discover tips and tricks in that area as well I can share them with you so that you can keep your photog business afloat and of course there will be recipes anything with chocolate or cream filling (YUM!) but also healthy choices (we would not want to ruin my diet.) I also like upcycling furniture so we may get to throw some of that your way as well, you just may never know what will be my project of the week!