About Me

I am a divorced mother of twins ( 1 boy, 1 girl just like the Brad Paisley song) I’m very clumsy and quirky and a bit nerdy with a country twist and all things southern ( the accent gives it away for sure) my favorite words include y’all and darling and I love, love, love Fall and anything to do with Christmas, real Christmas like caroling and cocoa and cookies baked from scratch (although on a cheat day frozen prepackaged dough will do) crafts, sewing, and photography are some of my top skills/interests along with carpentry (learning something new every day!) and my boyfriend (never thought I’d be saying that again [eek!] but he’s a good egg [I hope] and if you’re reading this David dear I love you darling) but anyway I love boots, and coupons, and a good clearance sale/thrift store/bargain/quality find and I love antiques and have a strange need to collect white dishes, bowls, mugs, platters, you name it if it’s white and a dish I’ve probably got at least 12 and if not I’m working on it!

I love Pinterest and Etsy and I love photography (said that already?) I also love photography props (self explanatory) but I don’t like the price tags (who does?)  So along the way I hope to bring you diy’s for the awesome to die for props that every photographer really needs (well at least the ones I can master)

With the inclusion of recipes what southern mama does not like a good recipe? especially with chocolate or peanut butter! yum! more to follow!!!


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