Hello y’all and welcome!

I’m a mother of twins (one girl one boy) and I love to dabble in carpentry, painting, crafts, sewing, and I am a photographer and owner of Miracle Photography & Co. throw that all together with my passion for food and get one crazy random blog that will hopefully help y’all find a lot of ideas along the way! I will also attempt to make my own photo props because this mama is on one strict budget and as a lot of you may be too, who can afford to stay in business starting out with all the other “professionals” when you also have to pay an arm and leg out of your profit for props to draw new clients in? Not me, so hopefully as I discover tips and tricks in that area as well I can share them with you so that you can keep your photog business afloat and of course there will be recipes anything with chocolate or cream filling (YUM!) but also healthy choices (we would not want to ruin my diet.) I also like upcycling furniture so we may get to throw some of that your way as well, you just may never know what will be my project of the week!




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